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Problems Upgrading DNN from v4.05.03 to v4.06.02

I recently had to update one of my DotNetNuke (DNN) sites from version 4.05.03 to 4.06.02.  I chose to do this to take advantage of the new SSL support.  However, upgrading for me was not as straight forward as it normally is.

First of all, there was an error on the upgrade page that referred to the membership provider not being able to initialize because of a null reference.  However, this is due to my custom provider I have in place of the default DNN one.

That aside, I was only able to get a single page view afterwards.  Following that, there were only membership provider errors to greet me.  This was more than disappointing.

Then, when I attempted to build the site I received a handful of errors relating to the Active Directory (AD) provider.  This was confusing, as I had never used or enabled it on this portal. 

After some troubleshooting, I turned to the DNN Forums for some assistance.  Very quickly, I was pointed to using a tool like WinMerge to figure out if my file system was what it should be.

Viola!  That was it!  I had some extra files in my installation that shouldn't have been there.  Once I removed the extra files, my install was fine, and the build went through perfectly!

Well, I went ahead and tested this a little more thoroughly, and it seemed that about 75% of the time those extra files were deleted for me somehow.  I don't know whether I somehow did it without noticing (12+ hour work days for some time now), or if they were actually deleted by the DNN upgrade process.

Well, those are my experiences on that.  However, I am sure at least one person out there will be interested in the files that I had to remove to get my upgrade working.  Here they are.  Be aware that only the files in the Admin and Bin folders are absolutely necessary to be removed.

Filename       Folder
AuthenticationSettings.ascx     admin\Security
AuthenticationSettings.ascx.vb     admin\Security
logoff.aspx       admin\Security
Logoff.aspx.vb       admin\Security
signin.ascx       admin\Security
Signin.ascx.vb       admin\Security
WindowsSignin.aspx      admin\Security
WindowsSignin.aspx.vb      admin\Security
AuthenticationSettings.ascx.resx    admin\Security\App_LocalResources
Signin.ascx.resx      admin\Security\App_LocalResources
Adsense.ascx       admin\Vendors
Adsense.ascx.vb       admin\Vendors
EditAdsense.ascx      admin\Vendors
EditAdsense.ascx.vb      admin\Vendors
Adsense.ascx.resx      admin\Vendors\App_LocalResources
EditAdsense.ascx.resx      admin\Vendors\App_LocalResources
DotNetNuke.Authentication.ADSI.dll    Bin
DotNetNuke.Authentication.ADSIProvider.dll   Bin
DotNetNuke.Caching.BroadcastPollingCachingProvider.SQLDataProvider.dll Bin
DotNetNuke.DNNScheduler.SqlDataProvider.dll   Bin
DotNetNuke.HttpModules.Authentication.dll   Bin
DotNetNuke.HttpModules.Compression.dll    Bin
DotNetNuke.HttpModules.DNNMembership.dll   Bin
DotNetNuke.HttpModules.Exception.dll    Bin
DotNetNuke.HttpModules.Personalization.dll   Bin
DotNetNuke.HttpModules.UrlRewrite.dll    Bin
DotNetNuke.HttpModules.UsersOnline.dll    Bin
DotNetNuke.Provider.DBLoggingProvider.SqlDataProvider.dll Bin
DotNetNuke.Provider.Membership.SqlDataProvider.dll  Bin
Blog_3.02.00_Install.resources     Install\Module
Events_03.03.07_Install.resources    Install\Module
HTML_04.05.00_Install.zip     Install\Module
Repository_03.01.10_Install.resources    Install\Module
Survey_04.00.85_Install.resources    Install\Module
UserDefinedTable_03.03.06_Install.resources   Install\Module 

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