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Google Toolbar Button for DotNetNuke®

I don't know about you, but I am an avid user of the Google Toolbar buttons, as well as the DotNetNuke web site.  Well, if you use the DNN web site as much as I do, you either have the addresses in memory on your address bar, quick link or short cut buttons, bookmark links, etc.  Well, I came up with another way...

I was looking at the Google Toolbar while I was waiting for a project to compile and got to thinking.  "I wonder if there is a toolbar button for DotNetNuke?"  Well, I was surprised and disappointed to find out that there isn't.  I took that a step further and checked out the API. 

The API documentation showed that to create a button for the Google Toolbar, all that is really needed is a single XML file.  If you want extra buttons or dynamic buttons, then you need two XML files.  The latter would be an XML feed.

Well, I can do that!  Sure enough... About 20 minutes later I had a button on my Google Toolbar that pointed to the most popular areas on the DotNetNuke web site!  I was and still am SO excited!

However, this toolbar button doesn't encompass those of us who are regular users of the DNN forums.  To take care of that without overcrowding the first button, I want to create a couple separate buttons.  First, a button that leads to each of the DNN forums.  And second, a button that leads to the RSS feeds for a selected forum. 

However, the extra buttons would not look very aesthetic it they all had the same icon.  I would be very grateful if someone out there could help me out by providing some high-quality icons to use for the current and new buttons.

Google Toolbar Button for DotNetNuke

*UPDATE* 11/04/2007 - Per the comment below, there is indeed a DotNetNuke toolbar.  As I noted in my reply, this is a really cool plug-in, but it wasn't the right fit for me for two reasons.  First, it seemed to slow down the performance of my web browsers.  And secondly, the extra toolbar took up another 30-40 pixels worth of real estate where I wanted to be able to view a web site.  This button I created is a perfect compromise for me since it addresses both of those issues.

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