Will "the Mighty" Strohl

DotNetNuke Popularity - Revisited

A while ago, I tested the popularity and name recognition of DotNetNuke against some of the other CMS products out there.  Being a fan and loyal user/developer of DotNetNuke projects (not the Core projects), I was quite disappointed.

Back then, nearly all web-based CMS applications that I could think of was scoring higher on Google Trends.  Well, here we are several months later, and nothing has changed.


The DotNetNuke Team really needs to step up their SEO skills and get DNN on the map in a much larger way.  DotNetNuke is out-searched in every market in the world. 

I am not going to turn this post into a "why you should use DNN", but having used this CMS and also used others, this is clearly the best product in a variety of ways.  With almost 10 years of web development experience under my belt, I would hope that would mean something to you.  :)  Or not...

This is my official plea to the DNN Core Team Members out there... 

Place a greater emphasis in name recognition (branding), and search engine optimization.  We certainly could, and definitely should be beating the other CMS products out there by now.

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