Will "the Mighty" Strohl

FCKeditor Not Rendering in DNN

I had an instance recently where the FCKeditor would not display in any browser.  Instead, I was greeted with nothing in non-IE browsers, and in IE I was greeted with the unwanted "Internet Explorer cannot display this webpage" page.

I could not figure out why this was happening...  Upon getting advice from the DNN forums, I tried checking the file permissions, reinstalling the provider, and more.  Nothing seemed to work.

Then, the lead for the project team suggested that I look at the IIS configuration.  BINGO!  That was it.  For this particular site, I had the HTML pages being rendered by the ASPX process.  (I know, I know... but I had a REALLY good reason to do so.)

Removing the HTML pages from the ASPX process did the trick!

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