Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Friggin' Gas Prices

I was on my way back from lunch with a couple co-workers and we were coming up on a gas station. Immediately, one of them got excited and exclaimed, "Gas is $2.19 here!" Our gas situation for the past 6 years has been very upsetting for me. The most obvious reason would of course be the amount of money that we keep having to fork out for gasoline. The secondary reason is because I know something CAN and SHOULD be done about it by our government. Gee, I wonder why nothing has been done...

(Make your own assessment here)

The thing that really urks me about it is things like I mentioned above. Our gas prices continue to go up and up, and up. After rising about 50 cents, they will get lowered 10 cents or so, and in no time you have people getting happy about the gas prices STILL BEING HIGH!

This little game being played (and not played) by the politicians is getting unbearable. Why is it that we have homeless and dying children in the streets, but we have congressional hearings on baseball and single lifeless person? We have uncountable problems here in our very own country, but only the most trivial ones seemed to get solved. And most of the time what is presented to us as a solution oftentimes ends up being another way to delay the problem further.

Someone please do something about the gas prices! There are many different solutions that would work just fine. We just need someone to take their eyes off of their next election and actually listen to their constituents for once. Yeah, imagine that! An elected official actually basing actions and decisions on behalf of their constituents. Wouldn't that be something new?!

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