Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Argh!!! Internet Explorer 7 is the DEVIL!!!

Can you picture Kathy Bates' character in 'The Waterboy' saying, "Look out, Bobby Boucher... Internet Explorer 7 is THE DEVIL!"  I certainly can...

I wrote before about how I have (mostly) switched to Internet Explorer because it has been rendering web pages faster than my other favorite browser, Firefox.  Well, that was written from the perspective of an end-user.  As a typical visitor and user of web sites, that is fine and dandy...

NOW...  Here it is from the perspective of a web developer or programmer...  INTERNET EXPLORER IS HORRIBLE! 

In the good ol' days when we only had to worry about Firefox 1, Internet Explorer 6, and version 5, cross-browser compatibility was relatively easy.  The only hard part was getting things to work the first time.  Then, you knew what to do with each and every project.

This has become something more of a monster with the inclusion of Internet Explorer 7.  Why can't Microsoft just do what they are SUPPOSED to do?  Just build the friggin' web browser around the W3c standards?!!  Why can't all web browsers do that more?

This is ridiculous that I have to spend 3 or more days on a project that should already be completed - just because Microsoft's own software does not create code that is properly rendered across all of the browsers, and their browser is the worst at the actual rendering of the pages...  Argh!!! 

This browser is going to take 5-10 years off of my life span - EASILY!

Okay...  I am done venting.  Carry on...

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