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DNN Hangout - July 2015 - How Many Ways Can You Extend DNN?

DNN Hangout July 2015: Mitchel Sellers presents all of the ways you can extend DNN

This month we had the pleasure to speak with Mitchel Sellers.  He’s a long-time DNN supporter and advocate.  Aside from being a DNN and Microsoft MVP, he’s literally written the book on extending DNN through modules.  He’s regularly found at community events, and pretty much everywhere online, attempting to help people with their C# and DNN needs. 

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We are always looking for new people to be features on the show.  Please let me know in the comments of via email if you’d like to be on the DNN Hangout.

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Next month we’ll be speaking to the CEO of Aricie, Jean Sylvain Boige.  He’s going to be walking us through his open source Portal Keeper module, and how it will help you make your DNN site administration easier.

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Site of the Month

Site of the Month: MRAMRA was our site of the month this episode, courtesy of our speaker, Mitchel Sellers.  MRA is a non-profit organization that has been around for over 100 years, and helps companies with their HR needs. 

Mitchel was kind enough to walk us through their site, where he pointed out that the upgrade helped them getting to a responsive site to help increase membership and membership activity.  Mitchel and his team also paid a lot of attention to make sure that document management and search worked well, using Ventrian News Articles and DNN Sharp Search Boost.

Mitchel Sellers: How Many Ways Can You Extend DNN?

Show Notes

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