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DNN Hangout - January 2014 - Beautiful DNN Sites & SaaS in DNN

DNN Hangout with Inno Software (Aaron & Dylan Lopez)

One of my favorite things about the DNN community is meeting new people and learning about what they’re doing with DNN.  I first stumbled across Aaron Lopez a few years ago when he submitted himself for the first DNN Super Fan Contest.  Unfortunately, he didn’t win, but his entry was good enough for me to remember who he was.  Since then, he has been contributing to the DNN community a lot through twitter.  Perhaps other places as well, but that’s where I see him.  One day, he announced a new site that their company released and I couldn’t tell it was DNN.  I had to learn more.  This led to him publishing a blog on the topic and then he and his brother volunteered to come on the show to talk about some of the things they’ve learned with DNN. 

I didn’t know much about Aaron Lopez and his brother Dylan, but we got to know them pretty well for the short time that we interviewed them.  Their story of how they found and then standardized on DNN was pretty interesting.  This was our first time having more than one guest on at once, and it seemed to go pretty well.

Next Episode

Jared Shockley will be talking to us about using DNN with Microsoft Azure.  This should be a cool episode! 

By the way, if you want to be on the show, drop me a line at [email protected], on twitter @WillStrohl, or in the comments below.

Site of the Month

We didn’t have a website submission to feature in this month’s showcase.  If you want us to showcase your site, please let me know.

DNN Hangout

You’ll find this month’s hangout recording below, with show notes to follow.  Enjoy!

Show Notes

Forge Releases

DNN Store Releases

Top DNN Themes for 2014

  1. Porto Responsive theme by Mandeeps
  2. Responsive Theme 033 by DNNGo
  3. Generic Responsive Theme by Websites Creative
  4. Responsive Theme 029
  5. Responsive Theme 045
  6. EDS Theme Collection & Modules 

Top DNN Modules for 2014

  1. EasyDNNNews
  2. Hotcakes Commerce
  3. EasyDNNGallery
  4. Dynamic Forms by Data Springs
  5. Action Form by DNN Sharp
  6. Data Springs Collection by Data Springs

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