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DNNHangout–September 2014–Peter Donker Introduces Us to the Blog Module

DNNHangout Featuring Peter Donker

Joe Brinkman and I have begun hosting a monthly show called DNNHangout.  In each episode we will talk to you about recent DNN news, events, and anything else that might be useful to the DNN community.  We also will be talking to and showcasing a speaker that will present an interesting topic that you can apply on your own DNN site. 

Yesterday was the first of the DNNHangout series.  You can think of a hangout as a cross between a video podcast and a conference session.  While the next few hangouts are not posted yet, you’ll be able to find the upcoming hangouts in the events section on the DNN website.  Tracy Wittenkeller (T-Worx) will be showing us some cool skinning tricks on October 2, and Daniel Mettler (2sic) will be joining us from Switzerland to talk to us about DNN administration November 4.

The show we had yesterday was not without challenges and we knew there would be some kinks to work out too.  Joe was fighting with his webcam until minutes before the broadcast, and I was literally running through the door from a client meeting.  Also, I was speaking WAY TOO FAST.  I’ll work on that for you. 

We would love your feedback about the show and how we can improve it for you.  Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below or on the youtube video page. 

Here’s what we need from you for future episodes:

  • Showcase examples of a DNN site that you’d like for us to highlight
  • A speaker for December

With no further delay, here is yesterday’s DNNHangout… Enjoy!

Links to articles and items we spoke about during the hangout:

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