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Easily Embed a Google Hangout on Your Website

Google Hangouts

If you’re not sure what a Google Hangout is, well…  You’ve been under a rock for a while.  Simply put, this is a very easy and web-based way to talk to someone face-to-face, from any nearly web-based device that has a web browser.  You can do this one-on-one like with Skype, or you can use this for more of a public webinar kind of use case.  It’s part of the whole Google+ suite of features.  Even if you’re not actively using Google+, this feature is pretty sweet.  It’s amazing what they’re able to enable you to do with a web browser!  If you’re doing the latter, you might want to read on…

It’s been a long while since I’ve released a NEW module into the DNN community – maybe at least a year ago since my last release.  It’s been even longer since I’ve blogged here, and I am sorry for that.  But as I said on twitter the other night, I’m back! I’ve had some modules go out into the wild that you might not have heard of, including a couple for user groups as proof of concepts, and even an update to the Media Module in February.  (Do a search for “user group labs” for the others on codeplex.)

Google Hangout for DNN

If you’re reading this and not using DNN, sorry.  But this is an open source module, so if you’re a developer, you can take a look at the source for this module (and many of my others) on github.  You’ll be able to see this module in action next week though for a live DNN webinar with

Peter Donker (T|B|L), Joe Brinkman (T|B|L), and myself.  You can follow our twitter feeds to get those details as soon as they’re available.

“Hey Will.  Why should I build a module for this?  Google Hangouts has an embed code.  I can just copy and paste it.”

If you are asking yourself that, you’re absolutely right, and there’s nothing to prevent you from doing that.  However, having a module to manage this gives you the benefit of structured content, ability to delegate management of Hangouts to non-technical people, and there are more features and purposes planned for this module that will be announced later.

DNN Hangout Features

This is a first release, so there is going to of course be a minimal number of features, and they include:

  • Quickly add a Google Hangout via copy/paste
  • Template available to change how the module is displayed to users
  • Show start date/time and duration for future/past Hangouts

For those of you that are developers, here is a feature list for you!

  • Uses content items for the DAL
  • Uses DNN token replace
  • Uses PortalSecurity for user input filtering

This version 01.00.00 release has the following minimum requirements.

  • DNN version 07.02.00 or newer
  • SQL Server 2005 or newer
  • Microsoft.Net version 4.0 or newer

How do I use DNN hangout? 

Today, the features are simple…  You create a hangout in Google Hangout.  It can be a regular hangout, but what this module is really meant for is On Air Hangouts.  These are the kind of hangouts where you would be broadcasting an even to the public. 

Next, you copy the hangout URL, video ID, or embed code.  This module will accept them all and magically grab the information it needs from you.  Go into the module’s edit view to manage those settings.

Choose to edit the DNN Hangout Module

Once you see the edit view, add the relevant information, including the Google Hangout information you copied earlier.

Edit the DNN Hangout Module settings

You even have some sample Google Hangout addresses to test and compare with to make sure you’re adding the right information.  As long as you add the right address, it will be parsed and the video ID will be the only thing that remains once you save.

DNN Hangout module settings (bottom half)

Now that you have the right information in place, you can save your new hangout and you’ll see it immediately on the page.

Google Hangout with default template in DNN

This is probably not how you want your hangout to be displayed on you site.  Don’t worry…  You’re covered with the module settings.  Just update the default template with your own HTML and use the placeholder tokens to add the hangout information in the places of the HTML that you want.  Once you save it, your changes will be reflected on the page.  You should know that this module also supports DNN tokens, so feel free to add things like user personalization if you want.

DNN Hangout module settings - template

DNN Hangout Downloads

If you want to try out the DNN Hangout Module, all you have to do is download it and install it like any other module.  You’ll find a link below.

Download DNN Hangout

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