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DotNetNuke Track at South Florida Code Camp 2013

Will Strohl at South Florida Code Camp 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve been to South Florida Code Camp (#sflcc).  If you’re not aware, it is the largest code camp in the State of Florida.  They regularly have at least 700 attendees.  People come from all over the state to attend this code camp, and if you’re reading this blog, you should too.  Code camps are a one-day event that allows you to learn about all kinds of useful information.  In fact, Day of DotNetNuke was modeled after the code camp model.  If you want to meet and learn from some of the most passionate people dealing with Microsoft technologies… Go to a code camp!

Code Camp Basics

If you have never been to a code camp before, you can expect several tracks of content to include things like Windows Phone, SQL Server, coding techniques, and SOOOOOOOOO much more.  South Florida Code Camp has 15 tracks this year.  You also get fed.  Don’t bring your lunch unless you want to and you will have plenty to drink too.  Expect to get free stuff!  Code camps are 100% sponsored and as a result, you get all kinds of free swag and prizes from the sponsors that are there.  The freebies can range from stickers and to-shirts to XBoxes and Kindle Fires!

Why South Florida Code Camp?

Quite honestly, I could not wait to write this blog post!  During my time in Florida, I was one of the speakers that would “do the circuit” in the state by speaking at all of the code camps.  Being as crazy about DotNetNuke as I am, I also made sure that every code camp had an entire track of DNN sessions.  It has been sad to see that DNN tracks had faded away when I left… Until now!

ryan-morgan-2011Arrow Consulting & Design is a Gold Partner in the DNN partner program.  They are sponsoring an official DNN track at this code camp.  If you want to learn all that you can about DotNetNuke in a day, this is the place to be!  I am very thankful to Ryan and the others at Arrow for putting this together.  I love DNN so much, so it’s comforting to see it rise up to a premiere spot at again at a code camp in Florida.

If that wasn’t enough, Arrow and DNN Corp. will both have a booth for you to stop by for demonstrations and swag.  You might be able to expect other surprises too.  If you know what’s on the horizon for DNN, you know what I mean.  Get your head out of the clouds and see the stars!  ;)

One more thing about this code camp in general…  This code camp usually boasts the most Microsoft MVP’s and authors that you will find at other code camps.

When and Where Is South Florida Code Camp 2013?

Date:  February 9, 2013
Time:  8:00 AM – 5:30 PM EST
Register to Attend:  http://www.fladotnet.com/codecamp/Register.aspx 

Registration opens at 7:30 AM.  I would suggest showing up closer to 7:30 AM to skip registration lines and so that you don’t miss any opening announcements.  (Hint, hint!)

DotNetNuke Content

There will be a total of 5 sessions on DotNetNuke

A Lap Around Your Free CMS

Get started with DotNetNuke by understanding what it is, what you can use it for, and how to install it so you can start working with it. Presented by Ryan Morgan and Will Strohl.

Presenter(s):  Ryan Morgan & Will Strohl

Designing for DNN 7

DotNetNuke 7 continues to build upon the user interface changes introduced in DotNetNuke 6. DotNetNuke 7 goes even further to give site designers greater control and flexibility. In this session you will learn everything you need to know to build great looking websites with DotNetNuke 7. You will learn about all of the CSS enhancements and what that means for existing site designs. We will also discuss best practices and guidelines for building high quality DotNetNuke skins.

Presenter(s):  Ralph Williams

Build a DotNetNuke Module in Minutes!

You may have heard of DotNetNuke. You may have been told horror stories from developers that are 6 years old now. DotNetNuke has changed. It looks different. It feels different. Today you can develop different. You can roll out a site in a fraction of the time it would normally take. You barely have to write code today to build a production-ready module. In this presentation, learn about how you can use project templates, form patterns, DAL 2, and more to build a module in minutes – not days!

Presenter(s):  Will Strohl

Mobile Website Development for DotNetNuke

Join Arrow Consulting & Design Founder, Ryan Morgan, as he explores the business case, creative process, and technology used to create the three types of mobile experiences and how DotNetNuke supports them. Ryan will walk through the decision-making process of choosing a mobile website, versus a responsive design and show examples of how to integrate mobile iOS applications into the data stored in DotNetNuke.

Presenter(s):  Ryan Morgan

DotNetNuke Makes Your Websites and Web Applications SOCIAL

In recent years, the tools and features of DNN have grown by leaps and bounds, including the latest social features that allow you to have a Facebook-like experience on your own website with nearly no effort. We will show you some of the new social features that you can take advantage of out-of-the-box to instantly change your website to one that engages your visitors in a way that creates a sticky experience. We will also show you how you can take your own applications and integrate them with features like the activity feed to create a socially engaging experience for your own applications and content. Finally, we will give you a sneak peak into the ultimate social solution for .Net code-named Nebula.

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