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First CMS User Group Meeting in London

London DotNetNuke User Group

It may surprise you to hear that in such a populated region such as London to hear that there has never been a DotNetNuke user group there.  That’s right!  There isn’t an area in the United Kingdom that is considered to be more metropolitan.  It’s also considered to be a leading global city in numerous areas such as arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, research and development, and more.  Yet DNN hasn’t reached their techie scene.  That’s changing!  The very first user group meeting that focuses on DNN will be held there in just a couple of short weeks.

John J. RoyleIt is with great pleasure that I can yet again introduce you to a brand new DNN user group.  LonDNN is led by John J. Royle of Glanton Corporate Web Services – which is currently a Gold DotNetNuke Partner.  Their first meeting is on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 – or 05/12/2012 for you locals.  Hehehe…

What Can You Expect?

First, don’t forget that this is the kick-off meeting.  This usually consists of a lot more networking than anything else, and also helping to form what the user group will be moving forward.  However, you can thank awesome sponsors like PowerDNN and Novus Leisure Ltd. for making sure that you will have a great venue, refreshments, and prizes at the very first meeting!  And of course thanks goes to Glanton Corporate Web Services since they are helping to sponsor the coordination and promotion of the monthly events.  Did you know they are sponsoring the S.E. Queensland DNN User Group too?

Many user groups have to work months or years before you have a chance to meet notable community members.  This first meeting already has people like James Roswell of 51Degrees (the software behind the awesome DNN mobile redirection features), Harvey Kandola & Saar Cohen of Gemini (the software that runs the DNN bug tracker), and Salar Golastanian.  You may have seen or heard of Salar from any number of community and ecosystem contributions through Salaro.  I’ve looked at the attendee list personally and saw quite a few familiar faces there, but there’s too many to mention.  Sorry, gents.  :)

On a final note for what to expect…  I heard through the grapevine that there is some really nice DNN swag on the way to the event.  If you want some of that, you have to show up!

Where and When?

The first monthly meeting of LonDNN will be held at the Piccadilly Institute, in the Shrink room.  All details and registration can be found below:

Register to Attend

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