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DotNetNuke SUPER Fan Contest 2012 Voting is Open

DotNetNuke SUPER Fan Contest

Well, it’s finally here.  The DotNetNuke SUPER Fan Contest entries have been collected.  They have been reviewed.  They have been sorted.  And they have been put together for you to view, share, comment, and VOTE on!  Like last year, we have had some excellent entries.  I was personally excited to see that most of the entries this year were videos.  I don’t know about you, but I love videos!  They are a lot of work, but they are so much more fun to look at.  Without any further babbling, let’s get to the point…


It is pretty clear that we got a lot of hard work in the entries.  There was a ton of thought and creativity that went into them.  I wish we could award them all, but only 3 winners will survive from the entries that were submitted, and they will be rewarded at DNN World 2012!  Those that make it into the top 3 will win some AWESOME prizes!  Literally…  I mean it!  Hehehe…


If you haven’t installed DotNetNuke yourself, then you should know that a fictitious bicycle store called Awesome Cycles is the default website template in DNN  6 for you to use as a baseline to build your website.  Ironically, many of us have taken up cycling since then.  You don’t have to have a bike, much less enjoy cycling to love these prizes…  You have to just be a fan.  If you’re a fan, you know what I mean.  You want anything and EVERYTHING that has a DotNetNuke logo on it.  And something with the default website template worked in just sweetens the deal!

Third Place Winner

The third place winner wins an Awesome Cycles bicycle helmet like shown above.  Don’t worry if you have a large noggin either.  We have you covered! ;)

Second Place Winner

If you’re lucky enough to win second place, you get an Awesome Cycles kit.  A kit is the jersey and pants combo like you see above. 

Grand Prize Winner

The grand prize winner is someone that I will be SO jealous of.  As the world’s most elite SUPER fan of DotNetNuke, they win both the kit and the helmet.  They also win a custom painted Awesome Cycle.  The world’s ONLY Awesome Cycle.  There will not be another one made.  You have bragging rights for life for not only being the SUPER fan, but this one-of-a-kind bicycle.  I just rode it from the car to the shop where it’s getting customized yesterday.  Let me tell you – it’s a REALLY nice bicycle!  More photos of the bicycle will be coming soon.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for an ongoing photo album of the bicycle getting customized.

Awesome Cycle (concept)
(Awesome Cycle concept design by Ube’s Icecream Shop)

Awesome Cycle (before)
(Awesome Cycle - before)

You’re still here?  Help a lucky someone win this Awesome Cycle! 

Vote for the 2012 Super Fan Now!

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