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We Want YOU to be a DotNetNuke Sales Engineer

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What do San Francisco, year round perfect weather, delivering solutions advice, participating in community activity, and DotNetNuke have in common?  How about evangelizing DotNetNuke to the community through things like Twitter, blogs, Facebook, forums, exchange, and user groups?  Give up?  It’s the open position of Sales Engineer at DNN Corp.  That’s right…  We are still looking for just the right person in the DNN community to join the team!

Sales??! No Way!

DotNetNuke PumpkinDon’t get too worked up on the job title.  Yes.  This position is in the sales department.  No.  You will not be a sales person.  You are not selling anything.  Your role would be to simply help prospective DotNetNuke customers learn more about DNN and help match them up with the right solution.  No money.  No sales.  No cold calls.  None of those scary things that I am sure you just flipped out over. 

Solutions, NOT Sales

Your job as a Sales Engineer would be to help a customer realize what DNN has to offer them.  They will be asking questions like, “Does DNN allow you to have SSL pages and logins?”  You will be the person to talk to them or show them where and how.  You are literally here to help get a prospective customer excited about the platform that you know and love!  Does that sound horrible?  ;)

Community, NOT Sales

Don’t let the header fool you.  You would be working in the sales organization at the headquarters of DotNetNuke in San Mateo, California (San Francisco Bay Area).  However, 20% of your time would be spent on interacting with the DNN community.  YOU WILL be EXPECTED to blog, post on the forums, answer questions in the exchange, talk to the community on twitter, and more.  Who knows…  If you’re the right person, you just might be able to get PAID to speak at user groups and code camps!  That doesn’t suck, right?

Just to summarize that last paragraph…  You get paid to do what you love – be part of the DNN community!

How Can You Join?

Playing foosball at DotNetNuke headquartersI don’t know how you couldn’t be asking, “Where do I sign?” at this point.  Before I tell you, I should make very clear that we are looking for a community member that is passionate, fun, and willing to move to the San Francisco Bay Area.  If you live in humidity or snow, this is a perfect opportunity to get near perfect weather year round.

Probably one of the coolest things about working in the Bay Area is being so close to things like Salesforce or Opera web browser (nearly walking distance of DNN Corp), or near other companies like Zynga, Twitter, Klout, Disqus, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Mozilla, Apple, and more. There’s always something going on around here!

All you need to do to be considered for this position is to have DNN experience and a resume to back it up.  Send that to us at the Sales Engineer job listing page.

2012 Sales Engineer Job Listing

DotNetNuke Corp, Team San Mateo

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