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Visiting the Tampa C# User Group this Month

Tampa# User Group Meeting feature DotNetNuke

If you’ve never been there, you should know that Tampa Bay is an incredible city.  It may not look large depending on where you’re from, but it’s home to Busch Gardens, New York Yankees spring training, former Super Bowl Champion Buccaneers, NHL champion Lightning, the Rays, and it’s also where the best Punisher movie was filmed (in my opinion).  This city was also home to the first ever Day of DotNetNuke in 2009, which has since spread to Orlando, France, Canada, Chicago, and Charlotte.  I am very happy to be able to say that I am once again bringing DotNetNuke back to this great city in a meeting on August 23, 2012.

Joe Healy, Microsoft Developer EvangelistIt’s very exciting to come back to Tampa.  I have lots of friends there, and it’s a hot bed of brilliant .Net people.  I simply love the energy that I feel every time I’ve been in town to present or attend user group meetings, code camps, and other events.  Of course, I hope to see my favorite Microsoft Developer Evangelist while I am there, Joe Healy.  Hopefully, this public shout out will get him to stop by.  Hehehe…

I apologize for not having a more recent headshot on-hand, Joe.  ;)

As it turns out, this will actually be my first stop on my Florida trip promoting the new social capabilities in DotNetNuke 6.2.  I had already announced West Palm Beach, but that meeting is the week after this one.  Fortunately for both areas, you will not be missing any content.  I plan to give the same presentation at both events.  The abstract is below…

Before you read the abstract though, know this…  I plan on having a special surprise for those attending that might already be familiar with my modules.  As you might now, I am a VB guy through and through.  But, this is a C# group.  I’ll let you ponder on that until I arrive. 

DotNetNuke Makes Your Websites and Web Applications SOCIAL

You may have heard of DotNetNuke  before.  You may know it as DNN.  You may have even used it in the past.  In the past few years, the tools and features have grown by leaps and bounds, including the latest social features in the recent version 6.2 release that allow you to have a Facebook-like experience on your own website with nearly no effort.

In this presentation, we will re-introduce you to DNN and show you some of the new social features that you can take advantage of out-of-the-box to instantly change your website from one where people look and leave, to one that engages your visitors in a way that creates a sticky experience.  That sticky experience will keep your visitors on your website longer, and create a community of evangelists around your own company’s products and services.

We will also show you how you can take your own applications and integrate them with features like the activity feed to create a socially engaging experience for your own applications and content.  Imagine your e-commerce customers being able to show other customers on your site items they just purchased.  Think about other applications doing similar things like help desk systems, learning management systems, media gallery, and more.

By attending this presentation you will be reintroduced to DotNetNuke, as well as learn about socializing your website and some of the best practices that come along with that.  Finally, you will get some insight into just how easy it is to integrate your own applications into those social features.

The Tampa# user group meeting information is below:

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