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DotNetNuke SUPER Fan Contest 2012 Announced

Look Ma... I am a DotNetNuke SUPER Fan!

It’s that time again! It’s that time when you show off your tattoos, websites, graffiti, rapping, and yes… Even your {Ahem!} baking skills…  It’s time for you to enter the DotNetNuke SUPER Fan Contest!  Last year we had 8 excellent entries.  Not bad for a first time contest that had almost no notice, huh?  The top 3 entries were awards some great prizes that included a DotNetNuke branded XBox 360 Kinect, Kindle, and an all expenses paid trip to the DNN Corp Headquarters.  This year, we’re upping the ante.  The only way to win though is to enter the contest!

I am certain that last year’s winners would all tell you that this contest was a blast.  You definitely can ask them.  Jonathan, Clint, and Ralph all did an incredible job putting their SUPER Fan entry together.

The Timeline

Entries can be submitted as of right now.  We will be accepting entries until the end of the day on August 31, 2012 (PDT). 

Voting begins on September 3, 2012 and ends on the first day of DNN World.

The winner is announced at DNN World 2012 in Orlando, FL.  Winners will be given their prizes at that time.

The Entry

Your entry can be anything that showcases why YOU should be voted as the DotNetNuke SUPER Fan.  This could be a really compelling website, a video, or anything else you can think of.  It’s up to you and your creativity.  You can use last years entries to give you some ideas. 

Just be sure that you submit something that really does attempt to convey that you’re a SUPER Fan of DNN.  Any entry that doesn’t do this will not be accepted.

Every entry that is accepted will earn the entrant 100 community points!

The Rules

The rules are simple.  Create something that people can see that will convey to the world that you are the world’s most passionate fan of DotNetNuke.  Your entry will be put alongside everyone else’s, so you want it to stand out among the crowd.  Your entry must be family-friendly, and it cannot be an entry from last year.  I know I said this before, but you really should look at last years entries for some inspiration.

How to Win

Winning is easy.  Your entry just needs to get the most votes from the community.  Voting begins on September 3, 2012, and ends with DNN World begins.

Who Can Vote

Anyone in the community can vote.  All you need is an account on the DotNetNuke website.  Like every other contest, you simply click on the vote button to cast your vote.  The last vote button you click is the entry that you’ve chosen for the day.  You can vote daily up until the contest ends. 

Every day that you vote, you earn a community point!

The Prizes

Whoa! I get a DotNetNuke bicycle?!!!A lot of thought was given to what we might be able to give to the ultimate fans of DotNetNuke.  As soon as someone thought of the idea, it just clicked!  I won’t say who, because apparently many people had the same idea before everyone else.  ;)

The prizes are all co-branded with DotNetNuke, and the fabled Awesome Cycles bicycle store we have been seeing in our default DNN installs since version 6.0 launched.  Artistic renderings will come in an announcement later.

Third Place:  A co-branded DotNetNuke and Awesome Cycles bicycle helmet

Second Place:  A co-branded DotNetNuke and Awesome Cycles kit (jersey and bottoms)

Grand Prize:  You get the helmet.  You get the kit.  And you also get the world’s only Awesome Cycle!  That’s right… You will be the only person in the world that has a DotNetNuke bike!


DNN Corp employees, contractors, and household family members are not eligible to win. However, anyone can submit an entry. 

DNN Super Fans also cannot win two years in a row.  We are doing something very cool this year, and plan to in subsequent years.  The reigning SUPER Fan will be awarding the new SUPER Fan.  At DNN World this year, we will not only be announcing the SUPER Fan results, but Jonathan Sheely will be passing the torch to whoever wins this year.

Official DotNetNuke SUPER Fan Contest Page

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