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DotNetNuke Social Presentation in West Palm Beach

FLA.Net West Palm Beach User Group

I have to be honest…  I lived in Florida most of my life.  With one exception, the only times I’ve been to South Florida were to speak at code camps, or for wrestling tournaments.  (I was a pretty good wrestler when I was in high school.)  I am continuing the trend on August 28, 2012 when I come to the FLA.Net West Palm Beach .Net User Group to talk about DotNetNuke.  It’s very exciting for me to return to Florida in such a beautiful area, and I appreciate this user group welcoming me.

I am working on 2 other visits to Florida, but I cannot announce anything yet.  So far, the topic is social…  We hear about it.  We use it.  We are being asked to look into it, and we are even in some cases working (not playing) with it.  Here is the long-form abstract:

DotNetNuke Makes Your Websites and Web Applications SOCIAL

You may have heard of DotNetNuke  before.  You may know it as DNN.  You may have even used it in the past.  In the past few years, the tools and features have grown by leaps and bounds, including the latest social features in the recent version 6.2 release that allow you to have a Facebook-like experience on your own website with nearly no effort.

In this presentation, we will re-introduce you to DNN and show you some of the new social features that you can take advantage of out-of-the-box to instantly change your website from one where people look and leave, to one that engages your visitors in a way that creates a sticky experience.  That sticky experience will keep your visitors on your website longer, and create a community of evangelists around your own company’s products and services. 

We will also show you how you can take your own applications and integrate them with features like the activity feed to create a socially engaging experience for your own applications and content.  Imagine your e-commerce customers being able to show other customers on your site items they just purchased.  Think about other applications doing similar things like help desk systems, learning management systems, media gallery, and more.

By attending this presentation you will be reintroduced to DotNetNuke, as well as learn about socializing your website and some of the best practices that come along with that.  Finally, you will get some insight into just how easy it is to integrate your own applications into those social features.

The FLA.Net West Palm Beach user group meeting information is below:

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But wait… There’s more!

Don’t forget two very important things…  First, we still have job openings at DotNetNuke Corp.  To be more specific, I am definitely trying to find another person to join us in a Sales Engineer role. 

Last, but most certainly not least, we are holding DNN World 2012 in Orlando again.  This time it’s in October.  Don’t forget to register and join us!  Ask anyone that’s been there before…  You don’t want to miss it!

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