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A while back, I announced that I was joining DNN Corp right here in my blog.  This was an exciting time, because not only was I about to work for the “mother ship,” but I was also filling the shoes of a friend and co-founder, Nik Kalyani.  Until very recently, this had remained my most visited blog article.  Not sure why.  This post is coming at a very appropriate time too, as I have been with DotNetNuke Corp for two years tomorrow.  In fact, two years ago today is when I first arrived in San Francisco before reporting for work.  And today, I get to announce that the very position I have been holding has another opening.

Sales Engineer

If you’re not familiar with the term or existence of Sales Engineers, this is the technical person that often gets involved in software sales.  A typical salesperson can only talk so much tech-speak.  At some point someone more technical may need to get involved to help address any actual or perceived technical speed bumps that might otherwise get in the way of a sale.  This could involve some emails, a short phone call, a presentation, or a full blown proof of concept.  It all depends on the customer you’re trying to help.  I often summarize this as simply being the person that helps remove any technical barriers from adopting the commercial editions of DotNetNuke.

When I first joined DNN Corp, I was the only Sales Engineer (often abbreviated as SE).  We experienced some growth and added a second one.  Well, if you’re a reader of this blog, you know that DNN can only be successful.  So, to address another large growth spurt, we need to add another SE.  You can be the next person to help DotNetNuke grow even more!

Other Duties

One of the great things about being a SE here, is that you get directly plugged in to everything DNN.  You know what’s coming from all angles, including: product, community, marketing, and more.  You will have direct access and input to the latest DNN builds, plans, and a lot more.  In fact, if you love the DNN community, this will be one of your expected duties.  You will certainly be expected to immerse yourself into the DNN community forums, Exchange, Voice, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

What Else?

Unfortunately, one of the other things that you will have to deal with is working directly with me.  ;)

This position does require that you live or move to the San Francisco area.  No telecommuting for this gig, sorry. 

If you’re still interested, check out the job posting on our website!  In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions.

2012 Sales Engineer Job Listing

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