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Surprises for Day of DotNetNuke Charlotte 2012 That You Can’t Miss!

Navin Nagiah and Shaun Walker

If you haven’t learned yet, the Day of DotNetNuke always has surprises that are only available to people that actually go to the event.  It’s always been my style to save the best for last in terms of announcing those surprises.  Also in that bucket is that I want for those that physically attend DotNetNuke events get the very best in value when these plans are made.  If this hasn’t taught you anything, it should teach you this…  DO NOT miss the Day of DotNetNuke.  This year, the surprise is not just one, but TWO surprises.  These surprises have been kept so quiet that the local event organizers and even people at DotNetNuke Corporation didn’t know. 

One of the many reasons that the Day of DotNetNuke is being held in Charlotte is because the enthusiasm of the Queen City DotNetNuke User Group (QCDUG), and especially the user group leaders.  This enthusiasm is seen world-wide on the various social networks on a monthly basis, but it was front and center when they brought the most attendees to DNN World 2011.  As a result, they won a DotNetNuke Corporation sponsored user group meeting including a visit by a speaker of their choice.  These folks are never ones to hold back or aim low.  They chose DNN Corp CEO, Navin Nagiah.  Navin was excited to visit the QCDUG.

DotNetNuke baseballLast month, the DNN Facebook page had some great artwork featured around the theme of baseball.  In fact, the profile avatar was a DNN-branded baseball.  Quite honestly, the number of people asking if that baseball was real and how to get one was overwhelming.  The community was incredibly fired up about the idea of having a DotNetNuke baseball.  I am not a baseball fan myself, but I am in that group of people too.

Surprise #1:  100% More Keynote Goodness

I am very excited to tell everyone that the keynote will indeed be Navin Nagiah as planned, but joining him will be Shaun Walker, the founder of DotNetNuke itself and a co-founder of DNN Corp.  This is sure to be an outstanding keynote.  Shaun always announces the super cool stuff!

Surprise #2:  Suh-weet and Unique DNN Swag!

I am not sure what I am more excited to announce, because this is pretty awesome!  Attendees at Day of DotNetNuke Charlotte 2012 will receive a DNN-branded baseball!  That’s right…  You will have your baseball, but it’s first come, first serve.  They are in limited quantity, so make sure you show up early! 

If you weren’t planning on showing up before, make plans.  Beg, borrow, and steal to make your way to Charlotte this weekend.  Well, please don’t actually do anything illegal, but do what you can to show up.  Not only will you be on the front line of learning all about the world’s only social CMS, but you will be able to network with fellow DotNetNuke users, enthusiasts, developers, designers, and more.  Learn best practices, tips, and tricks, and build long lasting and life changing relationships.  Once you get involved in the DNN community, there’s no turning back...

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