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Meet DotNetNuke Community Member Adam Humphrey

Adam Humphrey: Pushing Pixels in the DotNetNuke Ecosystem

If you have not heard of Adam Humphrey, I wouldn’t be surprised.  While he is an excellent DotNetNuke community member, much of his participation is under the radar.  However, he is in my opinion one of the better designers that our community and ecosystem have.  He is most importantly, the owner of Adammer.com, which is the flagship company that he does most of his work out of.

Adam HumphreyChances are, you’ve used one of Adam’s skins for DotNetNuke.  Chances are even better that you’ve even used a DNN site that has one of his skins or a derivative of it applied to the site.  The skin design I am talking about is much better known as Greytness.  As far as free designs for DNN go, this seemingly one of the most popular and widely used free designs for DotNetNuke.  There are many reasons that I could guess as to why…  It’s more complete than most free skins, has built-in WAI compliance, fully commented CSS, and more.  Anyhow, I will let you put your own eyes on it.

Greytness - A DotNetNuke skin by Adammer.com

Adam has also been a speaker at the Bay Area DotNetNuke User Group, or BayDUG (@BayDUG).  A presentation he gave recently was called “Pushing Pixels in the DotNetNuke Ecosystem: Principles of DotNetNuke Skin Design.”  Having been in the DNN community for as long as I have, I have seen countless presentations about skin design, many of which were given by people I would call friends and experts.  However, this is by far one of the most useful presentations about skin design that I’ve ever seen.

Pushing Pixels

Adam Humphrey did an excellent job presenting his ideas and experiences with the fellow members of BayDUG.  We enjoyed a similar presentation that he did last year so much, that we invited him back to do it again since DNN 6.x has changed a few things.  He did not disappoint.  I know most of you have no opportunity to join us at BayDUG, so we recorded this amazing presentation!

Interview with Adam Humphrey

Since I know that most of you are not familiar with Adam, I also asked him to do a quick interview so that he could be properly introduced to the DNN community overall.  The resulting interview was great, and you can view both parts below.

DNN User Groups

There are many reasons to join, attend, and speak at DotNetNuke user groups.  Hopefully, some of this information has inspired you to join or lead a user group yourself.  But user groups are always looking for people to show up too.  Participate in any way that you feel comfortable with – but PARTICIPATE!

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