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Lightbox Gallery Module for DotNetNuke Version 01.10.00 Released

Lightbox Gallery Module for DotNetNuke

It’s that time again…  This is one of my more popular modules, so I need to make sure it gets some attention from time to time.  There was plenty to do too.  Thankfully, all of the scoped updates for this release were fairly easy to implement, requiring minimal time.  Don’t tell anyone I said that though…  It was really, really hard work!  Hahaha!

Just prior to opening Windows Live Writer to write this post, I took a quick glance to see how many downloads this module has had over it’s nearly 2.5 years in existence.  Amazingly, this module is just under the wire for 10,000 downloads over its lifetime!  I cannot express to you how flattering that is – especially considering that this module was simply meant as a proofs of concept for a demo.  Thank you! 

Lightbox Gallery Downloads as of 02/14/2012

This module had quite a few updates applied to it for this release.  They include:

  • Search support for Community Edition for albums and images
  • Saved audit information to see who last updated an album or image (through the module itself)
  • Implementing the new DotNetNuke Icon API
  • Improved error trapping and reporting

As much as it pains me to say it, this module is not unlike any other software…  There were a few bugs to fix.  They include:

  • Graceful handling of errors due to file locking
  • Admin icons missing on child sites
  • Folder provider compatibility issues
  • Observing the Hide Title & Description setting

This module currently supports all versions and editions of the version 6 series of releases of DotNetNuke.  This means that it also requires ASP.Net 3.5 SP1 or 4.0 and SQL Server 2005 or newer.

Download Lightbox Gallery Module!

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