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Media Module Version 04.01.00 Released

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It’s once again been a while, but this version of the Media Module for DotNetNuke has been sitting in the hopper for a while.  Since before DNN 6.0 was released!  As of this moment, I am proud to say that the next version of the Media Module is available to you in the form of version 04.01.00.

There were several enhancements that I was originally able to turn around in a short period of time.  First and foremost, I updated the user interface (UI) to look more contemporary and match what you see in DotNetNuke 6.  Though, the DNN 6 improvements were not just in the UI, but also in the backend.  The module also uses the DNN 6 folder API instead of the standard .Net folder and file access methods.  This makes the module incredibly useful to those of you that might be using a folder provider on your DNN site.

One of the more common requests for this module was for it to implement ISearchable.  This allows the module to be crawled by the search engine in the Community Edition of DotNetNuke without a third party search provider.

There were also many smaller enhancements, usability, and bug fixes that went into this release.  The full list is below.

As you can see, this is a pretty good list for any module release.  More is on the horizon, with version 04.02.00 already spec’d out! 

The download link will update overnight on the official Media Module page.  In the meantime, you can directly download it from Codeplex.

I hope you enjoy this release!

Media Module Support

REMEMBER:  Please use the Media Module’s Forum and Issue Tracker for support.  Blog comments are not conducive to get help or issues submitted for the module.

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