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DotNetNuke Then and Now Videos

From DotNetNuke 3 to DotNetNuke 6

If you’ve been in the DotNetNuke community for as long as I have and attend any event, you have undoubtedly run into people that haven’t used DNN in years.  In fact, the most common type of person I run into with this situation is someone that last looked at DotNetNuke when it was version 3!  I wanted to take some time and generate some videos to hopefully invite those people back to take a new look at what is essentially a totally different platform today!

What I have done over the past week is I installed DotNetNuke version 03.03.03 and compared it to version 06.01.02.  It was for the intent of creating the videos I am about to introduce to you, but it was also a very eye-opening exercise.  First of all, I wasn’t completely sure that I would get DNN 3.x running on Windows 7 – but as it turns out, all I had to do was create an application pool in IIS specifically for it.  The other part is this…  If you’ve been around for any length of time, you can already assume that there are major differences between now and then, but it was incredible to actually see it with your own eyes!

Without any further waste of your time, I give you “DotNetNuke: Then and Now” as a series of videos.  I intend to add more, but you currently have 9 videos that give you an insight into how far we have gotten since June 2006.  All of these videos can be found in our video library as well.  Enjoy!

DotNetNuke: Then and Now video channel

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