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My DotNetNuke World 2011 Pictures

Clint Patterson shooting an arrow at DotNetNuke World

Any of you that attended DotNetNuke World this year would probably agree… There were few moments when you didn’t see me holding a camera.  Most often, I was pointing it at you too, hoping to catch you having the fun time that we all know you were.  While I am not a professional photographer, I definitely do my best to create the best images possible.  Hopefully the pictures below reflect that.

I took around 2,000 pictures at the event alone.  Only about 1,500 were usable, and that’s what you will find in my Flickr feed.  It has taken this long to organize, add descriptions, tags, and tag people into the pictures.  I have also broken those pictures down into various sets to look at specific events and activities, allowing it to be easier for you to find and browse the pictures.

My Sets

My sets from DNN World are broken down into the following sets of images:

There are many pictures and people in my Flickr stream.  If you are not properly tagged or mentioned, please drop a comment on the picture or tag yourself for me. 

Shaun Walker Bobble Head Pics!

There will be more formal announcements about this later, but be sure to continue taking your pictures of and with your Shaun Walker bobble head.  There will be a contest around this later!

Your Pics

Did you also take pictures at DotNetNuke World?  You can get your pics seen alongside mine and others.  We set up a Flickr group to group together all of the pictures in one place.  It requires that you have an account on Flickr though.

Be sure to tag all of your event pictures with “DotNetNuke” and “DNNWorld” so that they are easy for others to find.  Here are examples of how that comes through on Flickr:

If you have pictures hosted anywhere else, please drop a comment here to tell us about it.

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