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DotNetNuke Super Fan 2011 Results

DotNetNuke SUPER Fan 2011 Contest Ceremony

It was quite a fun thing to run the DotNetNuke SUPER Fan contest for the first time ever.  Though it really was a lot of work both for me and each of the entrants, it was more than worth the effort.  I was very honored to be able to run this contest, because as you probably realize, being a self-proclaimed super fan of DotNetNuke myself, I couldn’t wait to be able to officially designate and announce “the” SUPER fan.  This is just what we did at DotNetNuke World.

It was a very interesting to watch how each entry fared throughout the contest in terms of voting, twitter activity, and more.  Entrants and fans of the entries were both trying to recruit votes, and most often in very funny and creative ways.  There was so much activity that it inspired Chris Paterra to make a very welcomed update to the contest module used, allowing everyone to more easily share the individual entries.

There were entries of all kinds including pictures, t-shirts, videos, evangelism, rap videos, and more.  It was quite hilarious to see some of them.  And to be honest… EVERYONE that submitted an entry to the contest is a DNN Super Fan in my book!

Without any further babbling…  I give you the winners of the first annual DotNetNuke SUPER Fan Contest, announced at DotNetNuke World!

Third Place: Ralph Williams

Ralph Williams literally turned his love of DotNetNuke into a rap video. Throughout DNN World, he had to endure all of us calling out his new tag line from the video, “Oh snap!”

Second Place: Clint Patterson

I couldn’t really say so during the contest, but Clint Patterson’s entry was my personal favorite.  Clint also created a video, but his was a video showing how he was evangelising DotNetNuke to newer and younger generations, ensuring the visibility of our favorite CMS to those that will be building websites tomorrow. 

First Place:  Jonathan Sheely

Jonathan Sheely is well-known and loved in the DNN community.  He has been around a long time, and had built up quite a resume of community activity over that time.  Those activities include open source extensions,

Congratulations to all of those who participated in the contest this year.  I cannot wait to see what entries we will see next year!  Just remember this…  Your entry for the contest must be original to the contest itself – so don’t publish your entry until then.  ;) 

Special thanks goes to contest entrant Richard English, who took the picture used in the header of the post.

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