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Hanging out With My Klout Out!

Klout.com Headquarters: Front Door

Originally, Chris Hammond and I were planning to go to the #KloutDevNight meetup tonight to hang out with the good folks at Klout.com. Well, Chris got a hamstring cramp or something from too much DotNetNuke training and decided not to go.  So, I invited Kim to go with me, and off we went to the offices of Klout!  Overall, it was a great idea and I’d love to do it again!

Klout is a web service that measures influence on the social web.  It takes your activity and the activity of those you interact with (and vice versa) and analyzes it to determine who has influence of others, and over what topics.  Despite their controversial scoring algorithm update today, I was very excited to go to their headquarters and hang out with such a cool company!

Overall, the event was fun and we met some really cool people.  We spoke with people from Klout, Twitter, and other companies.  I was able to get deeper insight into Klout itself, as well as into their scoring update that had happened earlier in the day.  They were more than aware of the impact that their update has had on their community, and have a complete understanding of it. 

I don’t envy them.  DotNetNuke has been there before too.  Luckily, it happened before I joined! :)

While Kim and I really did have a great time, there was plenty of room for improvement for future #KloutDevNight’s…

There wasn’t an agenda of any kind.  While on the surface this was a cool thing, there wasn’t any announcement of any kind that there wasn’t an agenda.  That in itself would be enough agenda for me.

It wasn’t clear who was with Klout and who wasn’t until you actually spoke with them.  Sure, you can tell most people apart by body language, but that’s not the point.  Only a few of the Klout staff wore their own brand.  I’d been more apt to introduce myself to more people that had been wearing Klout gear.

That’s it for the criticisms.  Like I said before, it was a great event.  There was plenty free beer, sliders, Klout swag, ping pong, and even beer pong.  These guys (and gals) sure know how to have a good time.  I really do look forward to the next #KloutDevNight.

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