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Lightbox Gallery 01.09.00 for DotNetNuke Released

Lightbox Gallery Module for DotNetNuke

There is yet another release of the most popular image gallery module for DotNetNuke, the Lightbox Gallery module.  I am very proud of this release, as it marks a few important milestones for this module.  All the while, it continues to be one of my favorite open source modules to work on.  With this release, it continues to also improve upon the number of features it has and the number of people that use it as their standard image gallery module for DNN.

Here is a summary of the updates that you will find in version 01.09.00 of the Lightbox Gallery module.

  • Improved and more modern display of thumbnails
  • Similar improvements for the default lightbox images
  • 100% compatibility with Microsoft Azure
  • 100% compatibility with DotNetNuke v6 folder provider
  • Enhanced usability in re-order views
  • Bug Fix: Cannot delete image from album

I am not going to deep-dive into all of the updates, but I will be highlighting them.

Improved Display of Thumbnails/Images

Let’s face it.  The default display of the thumbnails was dull.  I was never terribly proud of that.  Luckily, our good friend Armand Datema (a.k.a., @nokiko) was very generous to donate his time and talents to help this version of the module look better than ever before.  He has become an official contributor of this module as well.

Lightbox Gallery Thumbnails

The best thing is that these default thumbnails will look great on any skin background!

Microsoft Azure Compatibility

Another contributor to this release was David Rodriguez.  David is very well-known these days for his great work behind the DotNetNuke Azure Accelerator.  Thanks to his review of the SQL scripts used to install and upgrade this module, we can now say that we are 100% compatible to be used on DNN sites that have chosen to run in the Azure cloud environment.

DotNetNuke Folder Provider Compatibility

I had mentioned in a previous announcement that this module was compatible with the new folder provider found in the version 6 series of DNN.  At the time, I thought I was right.  However, in researching a bug I had discovered that I missed a couple of small and annoying places where the module was not yet compatible with the folder provider model.  This has been fixed.

The Lightbox Gallery Module Thanks You!

lightbox-gallery-david-rodriguez-armand-datemaI really want to again thank both David Rodriguez and Armand Datema for their contributions to this module.  Without their help, this release would not be nearly as great as it is. 

Armand has become an official contributor of the module.  Together, we will be coming up with a really cool template system in this module, as well as just keeping it pretty!

I also want to thank all of you that are using it on your DotNetNuke websites.  Many of you are active in not only using it, but also contributing bug reports, enhancement requests, and discussions on the project website.

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