Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Speaking at the QCDUG October 20, 2011

Will Strohl

I love to see success in any shape in the DotNetNuke community and ecosystem.  I especially love the successes that we see in user groups.  I blogged about an up and coming user group in Charlotte, NC not too long ago.  They have been experiencing incredible growth for a niche topic user group (as all DNN user groups are).  I knew then that it wouldn’t be long before I would find myself in Charlotte presenting at the Queen City DotNetNuke User Group (QCDUG). 

That day is fast approaching.  I will be in Charlotte, NC to present at QCDUG on October 20.  This is less than a month away.  It was kind of announced on twitter, and it was cool to see that some people have already said they’re going to be there.  In fact, one person is coming so far, they’re booking a room to go to this meeting!

Twitter Status Update by RobbBryn

I was toiling over topics for about a week when Clint Patterson finally suggested a session topic that I surprisingly have never done before.  I have blogged about this at least a couple of times, but never had presented a session on it.  That session is…

Will Strohl

DotNetNuke: Know Your Resource Options

There are literally millions of people using DotNetNuke in various ways. With that many people in the world also potentially releasing blogs, modules, skins, and other resources, it's nearly impossible to keep up. Will Strohl is one of the original Sales Engineers at DotNetNuke Corporation. In this position, he helps companies of all shapes and sizes find just the right puzzle pieces to put in place to create the masterpiece that is their DotNetNuke website. This session will show you the secrets that he uses to keep up with the latest and greatest DotNetNuke trends, updates, and some of his favorite extensions out there.  Don’t miss your chance to pick-up the trade secrets that enable him to help even Fortune 1000 companies implement successful DotNetNuke solutions.

Meeting Details
Location: Microsoft Charlotte, Matterhorn Room
Date: Thursday, October 20th, 2011
Time: 6:30 - until

Full Session Details: [on the QCDUG site]

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