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We hopefully all know by now that there is a contest going where several people have submitted entries to try and win the honor and title of being called the DotNetNuke SUPER Fan for 2011.  I cannot express to you how jealous I am about the fact that I myself cannot participate, but I do get a but of satisfaction of seeing the entries and interacting with the world’s biggest fans of DotNetNuke.  Unfortunately, today I get to talk about a late entry.

There’s a gentleman in France named Cyril Plassard (@6RiL_fr).  I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him, but he did just send in a fantastic entry for the content.  Unfortunately for him, voting has already begun.  There’s really no possibility of including his entry.  That being said, I didn’t want to keep it all to myself.  I simply need to show you all what Cyril did. 

One attribute of what I would consider to be a true SUPER fan of DotNetNuke is that such a person would not be able to hold back their passion for it.  They would find every way possible to show and talk about it to people everywhere.  Clint Patterson did it recently by making a DotNetNuke logo cake.  Cyril did such a thing, using Post-It Notes!

We normally would use a Post-It note to write a short message to ourselves or someone we know.  It could be a reminder or another piece of information that we want someone to get back to.  Cyril used it for his medium in a work of art featuring DotNetNuke!

Cyril Plassard putting up Post-It Notes on his office window

I hope Cyril didn’t get into any trouble for using too many Post-Its.

Here is an inside view of it already done.

Inside view of the DotNetNuke Post-It Logo

The next thing you know, the logo is visible to all passers by on the street outside.

DotNetNuke Post-It Logo from Outside

And here is a much closer view from outside.

Close-Up: DotNetNuke Post-It Logo from Outside

I really do wish I could include this entry as one of the many you can vote for right now, but it wouldn’t really be fair to anyone in the contest right now, and it probably wouldn’t be fair to Cyril and his team either, despite the amazing effort he put into his entry.  Looking at the voting so far, they would be very far behind.

The least I could do though is share it with you here on the blog.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this!

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