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DotNetNuke World User Group Contest Update

DotNetNuke User Group Meeting

It’s been a month since I first announced the user group contest for DotNetNuke World.  This is actually two contests in one.  First, all DotNetNuke user groups are encouraged to compete to get the most members to register to attend DotNetNuke World.  The other contest involves the members of the ODUG trying to get the most referrals to register for the conference.  Both contests have some amazing prizes.  Here is an update of who is in the lead right now.

Orlando DotNetNuke User Group Contest

Darrell HardyIn this contest, members of the ODUG are referring their friends, co-workers, and members of other user groups to sign up using their name as a referral.  The member of the ODUG that gets the most referrals gets a “backstage” pass at DotNetNuke World!

Right now, Darrell Hardy is leading the ODUG members in referrals.  However, first and second place are only a single referral away from each other. 

User Group Contest

Toronto Area DotNetNuke User GroupThings are very similar with the user group contest.  The Toronto Area DotNetNuke User Group (TADUG) is in the lead to win the grand prize of a DNN Corp sponsored user group meeting, featuring a co-founder of their choice.  However, what’s more interesting here, is that literally a handful of other user groups are a single referral away from TADUG

This is very exciting, there is plenty of time for anyone to take the lead in either contest.  I cannot believe how close the contests are right now.

Already Registered?

Some of you may have already registered for DotNetNuke World before we announced the contest.  If you have, you can log back in to your registration to choose your user group and/or enter your ODUG referral to submit your vote for the contests.

Information on how to edit your registration can be found in your registration e-mail.

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