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Been Busy Building for DotNetNuke 6.0

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If you’ve been following my activities on Twitter or in the Forge, then you already have an idea of what the title of this blog entry is referencing.  As of the writing of this post, I’ve had 5 different projects updated to be specifically installed on DotNetNuke 6.0.  I was more than excited to get my most popular open source projects updated, to say the least.

I began with the Media Module, and it all was a whirlwind from there.  All in all, there are 4 new DNN 6 releases, with Media awaiting its fate in the DNN release tracker before you can use it.  The Media Module will have its own blog post later, so I will summarize the rest of the update here.

Lightbox Gallery v01.07.00

Probably my most popular open source project, if you look at just the downloads and the number of people who are supporting it in the discussions area, is the Lightbox Gallery module.  I’ve had 2 releases in the past month, focusing on usability, and taking advantage of the new UI features and API changes in DNN 6.  Some of these updates include:

  • New DNN 6.0 UI/UX features
  • Being compliant with the DNN 6.0 folder provider
  • Replaced jQuery dropdown list with Telerik
  • Enable gallery image meta data
  • Enable gallery image re-order
  • More consistent thumbnail display

Contact Collector v01.02.00

One of my original contributions to the Forge is the Contact Collector module.  This module has a simple use case in mind…  Place it on a page to allow visitors to submit their contact information for a purpose defined on the page.  It’s original use case was Day of DotNetNuke Tampa in 2009.  We used this module to accept volunteer requests.  Here are the updates that are in this latest release:

  • Compatible with DNN 6 UI/UX and Host Settings
  • Optional Comments field available
  • Collected contacts can be exported for download via CSV, XSL, and XML
  • Added security checks for user input

Content Injection v01.01.00

While the Content Injection module isn’t my most popular, I am always pleased to find out that even though DotNetNuke 5.x made this module someone irrelevant from my view point, there are many others that depend on this module for their sites.  This number has been growing slowly, but I am pleased to know that this module has become a standard in the DNN toolbox of many of you out there.  Here are the updates in this release:

  • Compatible with DNN 6.0 UI/UX
  • Allow content injection items to be sorted
  • Upgraded to Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 3.5 SP1

Disqus Comments v01.00.00

The last module I will talk about here is the Disqus Comments module.  This module isn’t in the forge yet, but it will be in the near future.  I hope that this module gets half as popular as the Lightbox Gallery has.  This module allows you to very easily add the popular Disqus comments engine anywhere on your DotNetNuke website, and also attach it to a specific module on the page, no matter where it was added to the page.

Even though this module is simply a wrapper of the Disqus API, it has great potential to add a much higher level of interaction with your website visitors and yourself, as well as being able to aggregate all of your visitors activity in one spot, not to mention your own.


Well, until you read my upcoming blog post about the release of the Media Module, this will do for this entry.  I hope you find some value in any other the extension releases mentioned above.  Most of these modules are already available in the Extension Gallery in DNN 6.0, but they all will be there in the future as well.  If you haven’t tried that feature yet – please do.  It’s sweet! 

I’ve shown numerous people now how easy it is to have an image gallery on your website by searching for, installing, and managing images in a very interactive gallery in a matter of minutes, without ever leaving my website.

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