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DotNetNuke World 2011 User Group Contest

Shaun Walker at DotNetNuke Connections 2010

Have you ever had one of the co-founders of DotNetNuke Corporation speak at your user group?  How about the founder of DotNetNuke itself, Shaun Walker?  Not many user groups can say that they’ve have a co-founder present a session at their user group.  With the contest I am announcing, any user group can make this happen!

DNN World 2011 User Group Contest

This contest makes it easy to participate.  Winning is easy too… 

The active DNN user group that has the most members register and attend the conference will win!  All your members have to do is specify the user group that they are a member of at the bottom of the registration form.

DNN World 2011: User Group Registration Field

The textbox shown in the image above should soon become a drop down list.

Here is is an example… 

If your user group has 10 people register, specifying that they are members of your user group, and all of the other user groups have 9 or less attendees, then your user group will have a sponsored user group meeting, featuring a co-founder of DNN Corp. 

The chosen co-founder for your meeting will be determined at a later date.  We cannot guarantee which one, due to many reasons, not the least of which being potential scheduling conflicts.

We will announce the official winner of the user group contest at the community dinner, at DNN World.

Can I Catch a Break?

If you were wondering if there are any other discounts coming, you should talk to the members of the Orlando DotNetNuke Users Group (ODUG).  Since they’re in the same city as the event, we had to make sure that they didn’t win this particular contest.  That just wouldn’t be fair!  We’ve given them their own contest to participate in…

The members of the ODUG will very soon start to contact your user groups, as they are trying to win their own prizes by helping your members attend.  Part of this is through a special discount code that can only be retrieved through the ODUG members.  Using their discount code, you will be able to save 10% off of the current registration price.

Okay…  So who’s going to win?  This contest can be won by any user group in the world.  The price of DNN World is lower than ever, and Orlando is quite accessible from anywhere.  Let it be your user group!

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