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Register to Attend DotNetNuke World 2011


Every year since the first North American DotNetNuke conference (then named OpenForce), it was nothing short of the who’s who of the DotNetNuke community and ecosystem.  The buzz resulting from people before, during, and after the event was simply gravitating, and was sure to make anyone who didn’t attend jealous of those that did.  If you pay any attention to the blogs, forums, and twitter during this time, this proves true every year.

This year, a major change has been made.  The conference is no longer in Las Vegas, and the event is now run 100% by DotNetNuke Corporation.  This means to you that it’s more affordable than ever to attend the most prestigious DNN event of each year!

What does that mean to you? 

You can now spend just a fraction of the cost of attending DNN Connections to attend DotNetNuke World

You can be right in the middle of all of the action.

At the DNN Corp Booth

You can be the first to learn the latest and greatest news from and about DotNetNuke in the ecosystem and community.

Closing Panel Discussion with DNN Corp Leadership

You can meet and create more meaningful relationships with people whom you’ve only known online in the past.

Dang and Will

Meet people that you never thought you would meet.

Shaun Walker

Catch your friends at some of the funniest moments!

I can't hear you

Bring the family, and maybe see a sight or two.

Silly tourists

This list could potentially never end.  At the end of the day, there’s way too much to miss.  Find a way to justify the trip, and get your hind parts to DNN World

I guarantee you that this is an investment in yourself and your career that you will not regret.  Think about it…

Have you ever heard anyone say that they wish they didn’t attend the official DotNetNuke conference?

Register to attend today!

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