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New Videos: DotNetNuke 6 and Chris Hammond

As you may have read here, I recently visited the Orlando DotNetNuke Users Group, and Dallas DotNetNuke User Group to show them the latest and greatest version of DotNetNuke – version 6!  During the presentations, I walked everyone through the new features for all editions of DNN 6, and then showed them some of the cooler ones, including the new default skin, content template, page management, and more.

The video below is a compilation of some of the highlights from the trips, as well as some feedback from attendees about what they saw.

DotNetNuke 6 User Group Preview Video

DotNetNuke World Video

The next video is one I did more as a prank than anything else.  If you don’t know, Chris Hammond and I poke fun at each other all the time on Twitter.  So, I couldn’t resist an opportunity to step up the game and do the prank you see below.  Of course, I made sure to promote DotNetNuke World at the end! Hahaha!

Join Chris Hammond & Will Strohl at DotNetNuke World 2011

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