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Be a Speaker at DotNetNuke World!

I was one of the lucky ones last year.  The two years prior, I was not able to get into the door of the annual DotNetNuke conference.   Last year was different.  I was finally accepted into the elite and mystical community of speakers that make up the annual DotNetNuke conference.  While last year it was in a different place and a different name, I fully expect DotNetNuke World this year to be the best DNN Corp conference ever!

I spent the better part of a day writing out how fun it was to be at the DotNetNuke conference last year, if you’re interested.

That being said, part of the benefit for an attendee is to meet, speak with, and learn from some of the thought leaders in the industry that the conference is catering to.  DotNetNuke World is no different.  We have always benefited greatly from some truly remarkable speakers choosing to show us the latest, greatest, and coolest things in the DotNetNuke ecosystem.  Some of these speakers were not well-known at all before the conference – but they blew us away just the same.

Now, it’s YOUR chance to blow everyone away!

Call for Speakers

DotNetNuke World has been open for speaker submissions for a few weeks now, and we are getting dangerously close to having to stop accepting submissions.  I know most of you that are of the speaker type are a bit of a procrastinator, like myself.  But I wouldn’t procrastinate any longer.  Follow Joe Brinkman’s speaker submission advice, and get your abstracts nailed down now!

Hurry…  We will stop taking submissions at 5 PM Pacific on June 8th.  I’d suggest getting yours in on June 7th just to be safe.

I’ve already submitted 7 sessions myself.  Even though you might think being an employee, I’d be guaranteed a slot – this is simply not the case.  This is a prestigious thing, to be a DotNetNuke World speaker.  Submit as many sessions as you can for consideration, and to make yourself stand out above the rest of the other speakers.

What do you get?

We didn’t know before, but we know now…  People that are officially selected to be speakers at DotNetNuke World will receive a FREE conference pass, and two complimentary nights at the conference hotel, and more.  The “more” will be announced later.

Seriously… I haven’t seen YOUR speaker submission come through yet…

Imagine missing out on all of this fun this year… 

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