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No Folders in DotNetNuke RadEditor Image Manager

Radeditor Image Manager: Missing Folders

You may or may not be experiencing a problem with your DotNetNuke website after upgrading to version 05.06.02.  There is a chance that following your upgrade, there will be folders missing from the image manager when you go to edit content, like shown in the image above.  In some cases, ALL folders will be missing from the window.  This doesn’t appear to be an all inclusive bug, but many of you either have or will see this issue on your site. 

Unfortunately, this is a known issue that will be fixed in a future release.  In the meantime, if this issue is preventing you from managing the content on your website, you have two very good workarounds. 

First, you can re-enable the FCKeditor.  This may or may not be an option for you.  Simply change the htmlEditor name attribute from TelerikEditorProvider to FckHtmlEditorProvider.  You can do this quickly as a Host user, using the Configuration Manager feature in the Host menu.  That is, if the FckHtmlEditorProvider is still present in your installation. 

DotNetNuke web.config: htmleditor snippet

Another workaround for this issue is very easy and fast to employ.  You once again need host-level access to your website – or direct access to your web server data through a tool like SQL Server Management Studio.  It’s just a matter of running the following SQL query on your database.

UPDATE [dbo].[Folders] 
SET [FolderPath] = LOWER([FolderPath]);

If using the SQL module in the Host menu, it might be safer to run this query instead.

UPDATE {databaseOwner}[{objectQualifier}Folders] 
SET [FolderPath] = LOWER([FolderPath]);

Either way, what is happening is that the folder paths will all be updated to be completely lower case.

Once you run the code, you will need to refresh the cache on your website, and Recursively Synchronize the files and folders on your site using the File Manager in your Admin menu, as shown below.

DotNetNuke > Admin > File Manager: Recursively Synchronize Files & Folders

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