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Shibboleth Authentication Provider for DotNetNuke

Shibboleth Authentication Provider for DotNetNuke

A couple of friends at the University of Florida turned me on to an authentication provider that they wrote for DotNetNuke.  This provider basically wraps the open source standard called Shibboleth, allowing you to have a standardized single sign on experience in DNN.  While any 2 organizations or applications could use this standard, it has become a popular SSO technology in universities with schools like the University of Florida, UCLA, University of Arizona, Stanford University, University of Sussex, and many more.  In fact, within a year of the initial Shibboleth release, over 150 organizations were using the standard.

With this standard being so wildly popular within universities, it has been highly surprising to not see this project pop-up sooner.  Factor in the amount of known DotNetNuke adoption in universities, this is that much more surprising.

Enter in Nick Dunham and Cheryl Bearden of the University of Florida.  Together, they built a provider for DNN sites to use the Shibboleth SSO standard for authentication. 

Shibboleth Authentication Provider for DotNetNuke

This post was written for a couple of reasons…  First, it was exciting to hear that this authentication provider existed.  Second, I know that a lot of people will find value in using this provider, as there are many technologies and applications that use Shibboleth as their underlying SSO technology.  Finally, I wanted to help the creators of this project get more eyes on it.  I’d love to see this project get as popular as I know it could be!  :)

If you ever have SSO projects, check out this open source solution!

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