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Web Connections DotNetNuke Conference 2011

Web Connections: European DotNetNuke Conference

You might remember the Day of DotNetNuke in Europe last year.  If you do, you probably went to it or heard the immense amount of chatter about it on Twitter, and you know how awesome it was.  The organizers in Europe really know how to organize an open source event, and they are doing it again this year.

The event is called Web Connections this time around and is being held in Hamburg, Germany this year.  It is a natural progression from the Day of DotNetNuke format, with many more benefits being offered – hence the well-justified price tag.  There will be a community outing on a cruise ship, and more.

When:  June 16 & 17, 2011
Where:  Hamburg University in Hamburg, Germany
Price:  €179 for early registration, €249 after April 15  (approximately $247 to $344)


Shaun WalkerThere are already numerous speakers registered to speak at the event.  The list looks like a who’s who in the DotNetNuke community.  You have Philipp Becker, Cathal Connolly, Oliver Hine, Armand Datema, Ernst Peter Tamminga, Erik van Ballegoij, Will Morgenweck, Timo Breumelhof, Mitchel Sellers, Sebastian Leupold, and more. 

All of these top-caliber speakers are being headlined by the father of DotNetNuke himself, Shaun Walker.  You can always count on Shaun bringing something new to the table, and to make announcements in his community keynotes.  Look forward to having an incredible keynote speech!


You might be wondering who the ideal attendee is…  That’s easy.  Regardless to whether you’ve just become interested in DNN, or have used DNN for years, there will be content for you.  Also, you will undoubtedly have some of the best networking with some of the world’s most well-known DotNetNuke experts.  And don’t you worry…  If you’re new to DNN, you won’t be the only one.



Theses kind of events always are directly related to the commitment and generosity of the sponsors that are involved.  If you benefit directly from the DotNetNuke ecosystem, you probably should consider sponsoring an event like this.  It will greatly benefit you even more in a couple of ways. 

First, you will get plenty of visibility as one of the sponsors of the event.  Nothing looks better to DNN community members, than an ecosystem vendor that supports them and their continued effort to excel in the community themselves.  This will not be limited to those that actually attend, but also others who are interested and don’t attend for any number of reasons.  Second, you will inherently build credibility in the ecosystem since you’re “giving back” to the open source community.

Check out the sponsor program today!

Help Promote the Event!

Regardless to whether you’re going to attend the event, hopefully you will be willing to help spread the word to others that the event is happening.  Write on you blog, post on twitter, and put this banner on your websites.

Web Connections 2011 Banner

What are you waiting for?  Register today!

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