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DotNetNuke Site of the Month Contest Announced

DotNetNuke Site of the Month ContestIt’s always so cool to be able to tell you about the great things that the community gets to participate in and/or benefit from.  This is perhaps one of the cooler things…  A brand new program for competing to be the DotNetNuke site of the month!  Anyone can enter their site to the contest, but the contest is being hosted exclusively within Facebook and open to anyone to submit and win (except for lowly employees like me).

(Be sure to check out the official contest rules on the site though.)

How to Enter

The Site of the Month Contest doesn’t have too many restrictions…  You just need to have a site that’s built using DotNetNuke, and then submit it.  Once a month, the DNN community all over the world will vote for your site to be the site of the month.

Do you have a DNN site?  Submit it!  You need to have your submission for this month’s contest in by February 11th.


The community voting begins on February 12th.  Anyone with a Facebook account can vote.

How to Win

DotNetNuke Site of the MonthThe winner is determined solely by a community vote.  The site with the most votes wins!  It’s that simple.  Why might someone vote for your site?  Perhaps your skin (design) is incredible.  Maybe your site focus and structure is innovative.  Maybe it’s just popular.  Or you might just be a friend of the person that submitted the site.  Why you vote isn’t important.  That’s between you and the vote buttons. 

You can vote for up to 10 sites a day, every day during the voting window.  Voting ends on February 28th.

What do you win?

The winner this month gets 5 DotNetNuke t-shirts, and plenty of exposure on the DNN site, including:

  • Exclusive rights to use the Site of the Month badge
  • Exclusive blog by DNN founder, Shaun Walker, talking about your site
  • Featured during an announcement in the DNN Community Newsletter


If you love DNN, are excited about the contest, or simply want to help get yourself more votes, you should consider helping to promote the contest.  This can be done any number of ways, including:

Contest Banners

Below are a couple of banners that you can use on your site.  Right-click on the one you want to use and choose to save it on your local computer.  Then, link it to the contest URL:  http://www.facebook.com/dotnetnuke?v=app_95936962634

DotNetNuke Site of the Month Banner
Dimensions: 180px x 100px

DotNetNuke Site of the Month Banner
Dimensions: 520px x 100px

DotNetNuke Site of the Month Contest
Original Dimensions: 760px x 100px

That’s about it… Submit your site.  Vote.  Have fun!

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