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Widget Suite 01.02.00 for DotNetNuke Released

The Widget Suite for DotNetNuke continues to be one of the most fun that I have worked on in a long time.  I must say that this is not just because its focus is on DotNetNuke.  It is also because I have a couple of incredible people helping me with it, Mark Allan and Armand Datema.  They have been instrumental in the success of the development, scope, and continued overall success of the project.

What’s New in Version 01.02.00?

This is the most significant release yet, with 5 new widgets being added!  We now have widgets that allow you to:

There were also two enhancements.  These updates were both made to the External Links Widget.  You can now track click events for external links from this single widget, and it also marks all external links with a specific CSS class name, allowing you to easily use CSS to brand your external links.

Download the latest release, and try out the new widgets today!

What’s Coming?

There’s always a question of what’s coming when anything becomes popular.  The Widget Suite is no different.  We have several new widgets coming in version 01.03.00, including:

New Website!!!

We are also planning to release an official project website.  We have a specific idea of what we want, but we are first going to turn to the community help us out. 

We already have donated web hosting services for the site, courtesty of Applied Innovations.  But we are looking for any fans of the project or DNN in general to help us create 2 things for the site:

  • An official project logo w/ branding
  • A branded skin package

If you have the time and expertise, please contact us through my blog, or on the Discussions area of the project.  We are really looking for the project to look as stunning as possible.

As a contributor, you would have due credit added to the releases, as well well as some SEO love and credit in the skin itself.  (Not to mention some HUGE kudos on my blog!)

We hope you like the latest release of the Widget Suite.  If you have any requests, please feel free to talk about them in our Discussions area, or submit it as an issue to the Issue Tracking area.

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