Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Safari: It's Still for Jungles Only *UPDATE*

I just wanted to hit on a very good point when it comes to the Safari web browser... SPEED.

It was noticed by a friend that the Safari web browser was faster than IE or Firefox.  I tend to agree with that assertion so far.  And this is a serious consideration when choosing a web browser since each second on the Internet can easily be equated by the average web surfer as a minute or more.  Afterall, I have just recently switched back to IE for the same reason...

However, when you consider everything that the Safari web browser is NOT doing when rendering the page (CSS, HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, etc.), it seems to be pretty clear as to why this browser is faster.  It is not rendering everything up to W3C standards.  That shortcut alone could easily account for the increase in speed - especially if you mix in the fact that this is all done client-side and is therefore dependant on our own PC's.


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