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Widget Suite for DotNetNuke Released

Around a year ago, I began talking about the widget framework that is in DotNetNuke, first introduced in version 05.00.00.  The widget framework is a powerful feature that allows you to do nearly anything you can think of using JavaScript.  In DNN, that would typically come in the form of using jQuery since it’s built in to the product, and the widget framework is built on it.  I have seen it used to create more user-friendly print views, replace style sheets, replace or move content, embed external site content, and more.

I had created a few widget examples for my presentations on the topic.  However, I never posted them anywhere for some reason.  For this reason, and the fact that I was building a new one for a proof-of-concept for someone, I thought it would be perfect to have in another open source project.  Enter, the Widget Suite for DotNetNuke.

The Widget Suite is a project intended to be a repository of various skin widgets to be used on your DNN websites.  Right now, there are only 3 widgets in the suite, but I intend for there to be many more.  I am also hoping that one or more of you would be willing to help out with the project by building your own widgets to be included in this project.

The three widgets that are currently in the suite are:

I hope you like them.  Try them out and let me know how they work.  I would prefer that any enhancements or bugs be discussed on the Widget Suite website.

You can download version 01.00.01 right now and use it within minutes.  There is also documentation and a few videos available – shown below.

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