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Team DotNetNuke Movember Results

There have been several blogs about the Movember effort, in order to raise awareness and funds to support the effort to reduce prostate cancer in Men.  You can think of this as the male version of breast cancer month.  This is very relevant since 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their life.  We as a company jumped on the chance to participate, as did several DNN community members.

All in all, the DotNetNuke Movember team had 37 members from around the world, and although there are still about 8 hours left in the event, we were able to get to #122 in the United States for the most money raised by a team.  At the time of this writing, that’s $6,264 raised, with Chris Hammond taking the lead a couple of hours ago, thanks to his dare. 

Chris pledged to shave his head if he reached $1,000 in donations, and he did.  Though the donation didn’t come through until after our luncheon started, but it was a strategic one – meant solely to force him to shave his head.  It was a hilarious moment!  Rebecca shaved his head on the spot!

DotNetNuke Corp dove into this event completely, with nearly the entire company participating.  In order to commemorate this event, we did it right too.  Today was a world-wide luncheon, mostly done via video conference.  We all had awards for the best “Mo” (mustache) in our own categories.  This was done as a look-a-like award contest for each of us.  This was absolutely hilarious!  The slide deck is below:

As promised, here is a picture of my “Mo.”  As previously warned, it isn’t pretty, and I cannot stand having it.  This last week was literally torture to keep it on!

The next step is to have you all comment here for my pose for my official “Mo” picture.  What should my pose be?

Will Strohl Final Movember Picture

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