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Specifying Your DotNetNuke User Group Flag

There have been significant updates to the User Group Wizard module on the DotNetNuke site this year.  Many of the updates that are there are nothing short of monumental in terms of helping to better support DNN user groups world wide.  However, one of those features has flown under the radar… until now!

There are literally DNN user groups all over the world.  Some of the most active ones happen to be outside of the United States even.  There is a little known feature in the module that allows you to set the language for your user group.  As an added benefit, it also displays the appropriate flag on your user group listing as well.

Editing this feature is quite easy, but is only available to the leaders of the user group. First, login to the site and go to the user group wizard page, and view your user group.  Click on the Edit Group button.

DNN User Group: Edit Group Button 

You will now be viewing the details for the user group.  From here, enter the appropriate language culture code for your user group.  In the United States, your code would be en-US, or fr-FR in France.

DNN User Group: Edit Culture Code 

When you update your code, the flag used in various areas to list your website.  For example, if a user group is indeed using en-US for the culture code, their listing might look like the screen shot below.  Note the American flag on the listing.

DNN User Group: Bay Area DNN User Group with American Flag 

If you use fr-FR as the culture code, the user group would then have the flag for France.

DNN User Group: Bay Area DNN User Group with France Flag 

This flag will continue to be carried over in other areas of the site as well.  For example, take a look at the homepage of the DotNetNuke site, where we highlight user group activities.

DotNetNuke homepage, showing the User Group listing with Flag 

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