Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Speaking at ODUG in December 2010

Orlando DotNetNuke Users Group Orlando was home to me for most of my life – from grade school to high school, and the my adult life after the military.  Then, DotNetNuke Corporation snagged me up earlier this year, causing me to move to San Francisco in June.  Oh, darn! :D  December will officially be the 6th month that I have been away from the Orlando DotNetNuke Users Group (ODUG), but I WILL BE BACK!

On December 7, 2010 – only a couple of weeks away – I will be presenting once again at the user group that I miss so much.  I know I am biased, but I really do miss my crew of Orlando-based DotNetNuke folks.  At this user group, I have seen some of the best networking out of all of the user groups that I’ve been too.  I wish I could take credit for it since I ran the UG for 2 years, but they are just a bunch of great guys and gals!

So… What will I be talking about? 

Perhaps I will be spilling all of the beans on the inner-workings of DNN Corp.  Wanna know who the worst person is to work with?  :D  Nah…  That’s not productive at all – unless you buy me enough beer!  Hahaha!

What about the upcoming changes to future editions of DotNetNuke?  I can tell you all about the road map and how new features will be affecting you.  Nope.  That’s too easy and the info is already pretty well-documented.

How about a run-down of how my first ever visit to DotNetNuke Connections went?  Perhaps, but it’s not my topic.

Enough already, Will!

I will be speaking about a topic that is near and dear to my heart.  This is something that I am super passionate about….

Programming Your Way into Designers Hearts

This is the same presentation that I just gave in October at Day of DotNetNuke Chicago, but it will most certainly be updated.

All to often, we as programmers, paint our designers into corners. Unfortunately, our designers may also be our customers. This session is meant to teach you how to develop your DotNetNuke modules using basic methods and standards to enable your designers instead of making them angry. Using what you learn here, your designers and customers will be able to change your modules to fit their designs with the greatest of ease. Before you know it, if you follow my advice, Fridays will be "buy your programmer a beer" day at the office! (One can dream, right?)

Basically, I am going to talk about the importance of building an API in your development that designers can follow.  I absolutely love presenting this topic for the simple reason that I think that I am making the DNN ecosystem better by inspiring developers to build better and allow others to get creative with their products.  I am also excited about this topic because this is the first presentation that I built from the ground up, using the new techniques that I have been researching for the past 6 months.

Will you be there?  You BETTER be… 

Register to Attend:  [on the ODUG website]

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