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Safari: It's Still for Jungles Only

A friend and colleague just sent me a link to the download page for the Safari web browser.  I was instantly impressed that Apple is attempting to make their web browser a serious player in the Internet world by making it a cross-platform player, but I am equally not impressed with this release.

First of all, it is tiring, frustrating, and absolutely obsurd that people like me have to program for multiple web browsers on a single codebase.  Safari is just continuing to make this job all the more frustrating. 

Being a fan of the folks at Apple, I absolutely LOVE their products, omitting this black sheep in the family we all call "Safari" (as long we are not cursing at it).  While I am a fan, I know many people who use Macs daily either for personal or professional tasks, I cannot for the life of me think of any one of them that uses Safari.  All of them use Firefox.

While this Internet browser war continues to rage on, I have very unfortunate news for Firefox.  There is one thing that more important to me than anything when I consider a web browser.  While additional features are a very close second, I have switched back to Internet Explorer (read: Exploder) for my web surfing needs.  This is due to one unmistakeable and unbeatable fact: of the two current versions of these browsers, Internet Explorer is simply faster at rendering the page.

I am sure there is a tradeoff there that I am not aware of, for instance, perhaps Firefox's delay is due to a much welcomed security check during the rendering process, but only a web browser hound who compares their code and reviews them daily would know such a thing. 

Psst...  Mozilla, if this is the case, you either need to speed it up, or let the greater public know!

As an IT professional, although I HATE the fact that I need to consider multiple web page renderers, at least the major players (not Safari) all look similar.  Apple's Safari department needs to pay attention to the public as much at their iPod department does!

Now, this is definitely not a comprehensive review of any of the products.  In invite you to make your own judgements and choose the one that best fits your needs.  I didn't delve as far as comparing the additional features, responsiveness and functionality of the RSS readers, or anything else.  Listen to this web browser manufacturers!!!  If I cannot get past your rendering problem, then forget it!  I have dropped you from the radar.

Speaking of the browser "radar"...  Where is Opera in all of this?  They are certainly ahead of Safari, I can tell you that.  They even have a mobile version of their browser for handheld users.  Take that, Firefox!  Let's get a move on people!!!

That's it from the depths of nothingness...  Back to work for me!

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