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Movember: A Worthy Cause for Men’s Health

My Picture for Movember!
My Movember Picture on November 1st

With everything going on leading up to DotNetNuke Connections, something that didn’t receive its due attention was Movember.  If you’re not aware of what Movember is, Chris Hammond did a great job of explaining Movember to those of us who are less informed.  Basically, for the entire month of November, men are encouraged to grow a mustache and get donations to help support men’s health, including cancer.  This is kind of the men’s version of the women’s breast cancer movement.

There are a few ways to participate – and it’s open to everyone:

I’m All In!

I am indeed one of the many in DNN Corp, and the DNN Community who are participating in Movember, and growing a “Mo.”  I have never grown a mustache in my life because I know I can’t and it will look like crap, but I have committed to growing one for the 30 days of November for a worthy cause.  So…  Everyone who sees me on a daily basis is definitely in for a laugh! :D


I am telling you about this for two reasons though.  I would love for you to participate in any way that you can.  This is a great cause!  However, I have been blogging and doing things in the community for a LONG time.  During this time, I really haven’t ever asked for anything in return.  As of this blog post, this is no longer true.

If you have gotten anything out of my blog in the past…  
If you have enjoyed any of my DNN videos… 
If I have ever helped you solve a problem on twitter, the DNN forums, or elsewhere… 
If I have ever inspired you to try something new… 
If you have ever attended a
Day of DotNetNuke… 
If you have ever attended any of my presentations… 

Please consider donating anything that you can to my Movember page. 

If that is a single dollar, that’s fine.  Donate anything that you think is fair and affordable to you.  While this helps me at a competitive level to beat everyone else in the Movember DNN Team (especially Chris Hammond), this really goes to help all men in the world through bettering men’s health.  Just make sure that you click to donate to me, and not the team. ;)

Movember Donate Button for Will Strohl 

What’s In It For You?

I cannot promise you anything in return for your donations, except that I will continue to do my best to give you the best DotNetNuke content that I can, through my blog, the DNN forums, twitter, and everywhere else that I participate. 

However, if I get over $100 donated to my page, I promise that I will post a picture of my malformed “Mo” here on my blog for all of you to see and laugh at! :D

Okay, okay…  Even if you don’t want to donate to my page, feel free to donate to the DotNetNuke team.  Either way, it’s a win for ALL men, and men’s health overall.  :) 

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