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DotNetNuke Website Changes for User Groups

Hopefully you have all already heard that the long overdue DotNetNuke facelift was rolled out today.  Go ahead and check it out if you need to, but clear your schedule when you do, because it’s simply too fun to play with now!  This is the update that I have been hinting around in some of my recent blog posts, especially those that centered around adding your user group events to the DNN site.

User Group Events Rotator

A quick glance at the DNN homepage should make it very clear why you should add your user group events to the site.  You get featured on the homepage!

DotNetNuke Website with User Group Event Rotator Highlighted 

In the screen shot above, I circled the user group event rotator.  As long as you add your events to the user group module, your event will rotate on the homepage.  On any site with as much traffic as the DNN site, this space would be a very coveted area of the homepage.

User Group Page

The user group area is still located under the Community tab, but can be easily missed.  Look on the right of the submenu.

DotNetNuke Website: Community > User Group 

There is a slight difference in your user group landing page now.  You will have a couple of links to lead you into your user group information.  You can click on your user group title to see the overall user group details, or click on your meetings, if there are any.

DotNetNuke Website: User Group Link

If you’re not already part of a user group, you will instead be shown a link to search for a user group.

DotNetNuke Website User Group Search Link

Update for User Group Leaders

During all of these hundreds, if not thousands, of changes on the DotNetNuke website, a very useful update was added for user group leaders. 

There is a members area where a user group leader can update the members of the user group.  Prior to the website launch, this listing only contained the username, first name, and last name.  However, if a user group leader wanted to do something based on e-mail address, they were out of luck.  For example, if a newsletter was sent out, they couldn’t remove a member if their e-mail address and username didn’t match.  Now, there is an additional column for e-mail address of the members to address this deficiency.

A very big thanks goes to Chris Paterra for slipping this update in, and to Paul Scarlett of the Toronto Area DotNetNuke User Group (TADUG) for suggesting it. 

Community Updates

This is only one of the numerous updates made to the DotNetNuke website.  For example, there is a brand new Community Recognition and Community Hall of Fame area, a video library, and an area to show you ways to get involved with the project and community, and so much more.  I will let the appropriate people tell you all about those updates though. 

I was bursting out at the seams for a LONG time…  I wanted so badly to tell everyone in the world about what was coming and how cool it all was!  If you monitored the twitter traffic at all this morning, you would’ve noticed that there wasn’t any need to tell anyone.  All of the coolness was definitely obvious.

This was easily one of my favorite days of the year!

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