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Rumbly In My Tumbly: Thoughts About My Diet

Since I’ve arrived in the San Francisco area, I had resolved to do a few things.  First, use public transportation.  Next, eat better.  Finally, exercise.  I have been doing a pretty good job of all of it.  In fact, since I haven’t really been able to cook, most of my food has been thanks to Amy’s Frozen Meals.

Amy's Frozen Meals

For lunches, I have been doing a little bit of lunch meat, but mostly fish tacos.  There’s a really great Mexican restaurant near the office.  They have some fish tacos that are not deep fried.  So, I’ve been eating them a lot.

Will Strohl: During a Workout With primarily having fish tacos for lunch, and Amy’s meals for dinner, my only consumption of red meat has been coming during breakfast – sometimes.  My breakfast has mostly contained pork.   Not all the time, but for nearly all meals for about 4 months now.  This nearly makes me a pescetarian, and it’s made me lose quite a bit of weight.

Pescetarianism is a form of being a vegetarian, but you’re allowed to have fish.

I tell you all of that to really say this…  I have some rumbly in my tumblies!!!  (An old saying from the Winnie the Pooh stories.)

Whenever I have had red meat recently, my stomach has been complaining at me.  You can be within walking distance of me after a meal and clearly hear my stomach yelling at me.  :)  On more than one occasion though, the sounds have been accompanied with pain.  Ouch!

I’ve always thought some of the people I knew were a bit of a sissy when they ate something like red meat and had tummy issues.  However, now I have a fresh perspective on how and why that might happen.

I apologize to everyone who I’ve made fun of for this in the past.  :D

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