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Snowcovered Changes That Make YOU Money

It's Raining Money!

A long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away…  There was an affiliate program that allowed for great flexibility and provided features for DotNetNuke® vendors and others to make money easily and quickly.  People were rolling in the dough!  Money was raining from the sky, and we were all bathing in tubs full of gold coins!

A ‘Bit’ of History

Okay… That’s not entirely true.  This story took place in OUR galaxy!  Fine, fine…  Maybe no one was bathing in gold coins either.  Okay, okay…  But people were making plenty of money using the affiliate program on Snowcovered – vendors and the average joe alike were benefiting. 

At some point, this program was modified (very much prior to DNN Corp’s acquisition) to protect the site and vendors from a specific situation that had arose, where a few people were taking advantage of the program.

Don’t you hate it when a couple of ‘bad eggs’ ruin it for everyone else?

How Can YOU Make Money?

That’s easy!  First, sign up for the affiliate program on the Snowcovered website.  Then, once you’re approved, you simply use your affiliate information to link to products on the website.  That’s right…  Simple stuff!  Including the approval process, you could be earning money in 1-3 days. 

Even if you were in the program before, you need to re-register as an affiliate again. This is the only ‘gotcha’ I see so far.  Regardless to whether you do, the old program affiliate codes will soon be deactivated.

If you’re wondering if YOU qualify to sign up, then you’re already qualified.  Huh?  Yes…  ANYONE can be an affiliate and earn money just by doing what they’re already doing, placing links on your website, and anywhere else you place or plan to place them.

This begs the question, “how much money do I get?”  You earn a 10% commission on each customer that you refer to the site.  Unlike the previous iteration though, this is now a session-based program, so each time you refer someone, it’s a new session, and therefore a new commission!  Gone are the days of a long-term referral status.  You can earn more money than you realize!

Other Features

The reporting feature in the affiliate program has been enhanced to allow you to better track your sales and referrals.  You will be able to quickly and easily make adjustments to your use of the program, according to how your referrals are doing.

You’re now able to create multiple affiliate codes to segment your referrals according to your marketing campaigns.  This is a massive update to allow you to get really serious about making money with the program.

So…  What are you waiting for?  Sign up now, and get started making money!

Snowcovered Affiliate Program

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